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Mozzarella in Coarrozza (Fried Mozzarella Sandwhiches)

Mozzarella in Carrozza (Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches)

(Serves 6)

Unlike the clichéd mozzarella sticks found in American diners, this Italian original-literally, “mozzarella in a carriage” (i.e., the bread)-is not served with marinara sauce.


12 very thin slices white bread

1/4-1/2 lb. fresh mozzarella, sliced 1/4” thick

3 thin slices prosciutto

1/4 cup fresh basil

1 cup flour

2 eggs, beaten

1 cup dried bread crumbs

Extra-virgin olive oil


Lay out 6 slices of bread on a cutting board. Cut six 2” rounds out of mozzarella and place 1 round in the middle of each slice of bread. Tear prosciutto into 6 pieces approximately 2” square and lay one on top of each piece of cheese. Put one piece of fresh basil on top of each piece of prosciutto and top with the remaining slices of bread. Press down on each sandwich with your palm and, using a 3” round cookie cutter, cut sandwiches into circles, discarding the scraps. The mozzarella and prosciutto should be pocketed within the bread. Put the flour, eggs, and bread crumbs into separate small bowls.


Carefully dip one sandwich at a time into first flour, then eggs, and finally bread crumbs, pinching the edges together. Roll edges of sandwiches through eggs and bread crumbs again if they do not appear to seal. Pour oil into a large sauté pan to a depth of 1/2” and heat over medium-high heat until hot but not smoking, about 375 degrees on a candy thermometer. Fry sandwiches until golden brown, carefully turning them over once, about 1 minute each side. Remove from oil, drain on paper towels, then transfer to a serving platter.
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